Featured Artist:
Kathie Odom

Kathie’s loose, spontaneous brushwork is full of life, energy, and a palate that brings the change of seasons to mind. The artist’s infectious joy for life and creative spirit make it clear to see how her painting reflects her attitude. As you see her works, you see her; one who leaves the anatomy of her work exposed, and allows light to diffuse translucently from the first wash to the thicker oils, showing different textures, birthing life. Subtle detailing coupled with loose brush strokes invite the viewer beneath into an aliveness not so apparent on the surface.

Kathie Odom graduated from The University of Tennessee in Art Education/Fine Arts and received early recognition in 1982 for pastel works in the Knoxville Dogwood Arts Festival. Following that brief attention, Kathie began a 26-year absence away from the flow of creative expression on canvas. Her energies were spent (with gratitude) in the world of caretaking. Caring for the young (her children), the wild (her husband), and the dying (her parents)… years of living that deserve 1000 canvases to express; a long period of giving and preparation that has formed her for this new season.

“I resurrected my joy of capturing the nostalgia of people and place through art. When looking at the history of the east Tennessee landscape, particularly the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where I love to paint ‘plein air,’ I realize what a privilege and responsibility it is to recapture the forgotten, ” says Kathie. “My home is Tennessee. And its mountains are a strength to me.”

Almost exclusively Kathie’s compositions are places where the possibility of life exists: barn, nest, field, dwelling, bud, shed. Even throughout her many travels — the vision of Home.


       Recent works: