Featured Artist:
Bill Suttles

Bill graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Exposure to the great Impressionist Collection at Chicago’s Art Institute while at school was instrumental. He also credits study with Wolf Kahn, Irwin Greenberg, and Coralie Tweed. Bill is currently teaching Illustration at the Atlanta School of Art.

An artist for over 30 years, his painterly landscapes and figurative works in oil and pastel have been appearing in galleries around the Southeast for two decades. What began as a career in illustration, with commissions from publishers and national corporations such as Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines and Lockheed has evolved into a full time, happy commitment to doing his own work, for his own reasons, in his own way. His training at the American Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois, provided a traditional academic education which he always appreciated as a foundation and sought to move beyond, as all artists must, who hope to find a way to say something unique, important to them and possibly to others.

Bill has maintained studios in Atlanta and recently in the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia – in Blairsville where he finds a visual feast available to him just outside his door. He uses oils, pastel, and acrylics in creating landscapes and figurative work, and while painting plein air.

 “It is mysterious and pleasurable when, in the course of looking at the world, you find something that suddenly seems significant. That field — or street –or person. That light!” says Suttles. “The challenge then, is to do the work – with a controlled sense of heightened awareness – quickly in the field, more deliberately in the studio, and hope that the fin-ished piece will reflect back to you some of what you felt at the time and that some other viewers might feel some-thing which stirs a similar response. Sometimes, when it works, a viewer will seem to feel this and say so, then the effort is particularly satisfying.”

Recent works:
Bill Suttles is a lifetime fan of classic jazz. While attending art school in Chicago in the 40’s, Suttles developed an interest in the jazz scene; he has a penchant in particular for themusic of the twenties, as well as the later New Orleans style jazz by musicians like Louis Armstrong, Jo Oliver, and Mugsy Spanier.  The free, improvisational style of music played in early jazz by whole ensembles, and the later break-out solos of the New Orleans style, translates well with the broad calligraphic marks, colors, and spirit he incorporates into his abstract painting. Today, with his Amazon “Alexa” as his DJ, Suttles listens to music as he paints. Each of this collection’s titles are derived from jazz titles or jazz artists.