Artist Statement

The focus of my artwork is to apply thoughtful composition and color to the subjects I paint, in order to bring the viewer to a sense of calmness and contentment. I have always found great interest in landscape painting for its ability to connect one with nature. My love of impressionism and representational art, as well as abstract art, has had a huge influence on me. Stylistically, I seek to find a balance between these influences. I often employ bold brushwork when crafting a scenein order to bring emphasis and attention where I feel it needs to be. Some of my works are painted from photographs I’ve taken from places near and far. Others are inspired by a conceptualized setting, which I really enjoy, because it can lead one to use their imagination when viewing my work.


Originally from Florence Alabama, Jeremy has resided in middle Tennessee since 2002, calling Nashville home. Jeremy received his bachelor’s degree in art education from Lipscomb University. Although he has been an artist his entire life, Jeremy’s professional art career began in 2018. While teaching art in the Nashville area, he decided to begin painting on the side, which continued to grow and gain momentum. He quickly became recognized for his original works in oil. He has since stepped away from teaching, to focus solely on his artwork. Jeremy’s paintings are inspired by nature and the tranquil qualities it can bring. His goal is to capture the essence and feeling of a place, whether real or imagined.