Artist Statement

“Painting, whether in the studio or outside “en plein air”, challenges me to let go of pre- conceived ideas of the “thing” I choose to paint.
My choices are made because of a connection with what I see or feel. This connection, could be light, atmosphere, shape, or subject. In the case of my abstract work, a memory, nature, or emotion can be the powerful influence for my work. The goal is to try and convey the essence of what I’m observing or feeling, in a beautiful and thoughtful way.

For 17 years my career was in nursing. I revisited love of art by taking an oil painting class and then a pastel class. I am now painting in oils, and continue to learn something new every time I pick up a brush!

I came to painting later in life, but have developed a passion for it, and now a career. I paint almost every day. My medium is oil, and occasionally gouache, and cold wax. I use a variety of tools when I paint including brushes, a variety of palette knifes, cardboard, bowl scrappers, metal scrub pads, and various tools that I’ve made. I’ve learned that abstract painting crosses over to representational, and vice-versa, and this has helped me to convey what I see in a good way

I have built a working studio that has six art studios within. This shared space is conducive to learning, growth, and support from an incredible group of professional artists. On Track
Studios has a common work area, and a workshop area where a variety of workshops, open studio, and classes are held. I bring local, as well as nationally acclaimed artists, to teach here at the studio. In 2018 the ARC Approved “Cumberland Atelier” was started. At present the Atelier has class every Tuesday. “On Track” is located on 2 acres in the rural Tennessee landscape. There is plenty of room for painting “en plein air”, and just enjoying the outdoors. I’m learning how to run a business, and developing my own career as an artist.”

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