Caroline is a contemporary artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. She works with a variety of mediums and subjects, showcasing her range through landscapes, still life scenes, and collage-like abstracts. Although Caroline has an extensive background in art, including attending college on an art scholarship beginning in 2004, she took a hiatus from serious projects to pursue a career in law. Only after the birth of her first child, did Caroline find herself painting regularly again, and following an 11-year career as an attorney, she retired in 2023 to exclusively paint and spend more time with her children. Her work can be found in homes, galleries, and shops across the United States. Caroline lives with her husband, two children, and beloved dog Waldo.
Artist Statement
While I deem myself first and foremost an abstract landscape painter, drawn to nature in its simplest form, I can’t deny my interest in interior spaces and the ability of color and textures to elevate a room. This latter interest has formed a second body of work for me, in addition to my landscapes and traditional scenes, that allows me to let go of worrying about a particular composition and focus more on color theory and texture. As for inspiration in any of my paintings, I am simply energized by things I find beautiful, which spans from the tree lines across a valley, to the dark side of a blooming flower, to the way a patterned textile interacts with the hardwood floor. This love of both organic and structural beauty has resulted in a couple of different styles of painting for me, and the variety keeps me engaged and challenges me to continue to evolve as an artist. 

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