Artist Statement 

Art is a journey of color, light and texture. I have been exploring these relationships for a number of years. I was born and raised in a rural setting in Montana and moved to Denver, CO to pursue a degree from the Art Institute of Colorado. Now painting with a focus on nature and landscapes, I want people to engage in my paintings by taking a moment to reflect on their own lives. My inspiration comes from real places I have visited throughout the country. Usually something grabs my attention and that starts the inspiration process. This can be as simple as the way the shapes within the landscape interact with each other to the way the light hits a landscape. Sometimes, it is the very subject matter that interests me. Being raised in a rural community in Montana and growing up in a farming family may be the reason why the colors in my palette tend to have an earthy feel to them. I like to use texture and multiple layers to stimulate the visual and tactile senses.

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