Artist Statement

My art is a deeply personal and expressive part of my life. Growing up painting, I can hardly remember a day in my childhood when I was not creating. As I got older, life took over and I stopped. For over 20 years I painted nothing and saw little value in it. I saw my art as a “hobby” that I simply did not have time to indulge. During a very dark time in my life, I was blessed with the divine instruction to paint again and was gifted with an understanding of God’s true purpose for art. It provides yet another channel of Love to His creation. Artists, in their purist form, are conduits of this Love and are blessed both through and by this transfer.

I paint what inspires me. Each piece is the result of a specific inspiration. My process is deeply soulful and usually results in an expression of my spiritual awareness at that time. Sometimes, I know ahead of time what is being expressed. Other times, the theme expresses itself as the painting emerges.

I paint with both oil and acrylic. Additionally, I use a combination of other mediums to create texture in my works. These mediums are applied with brushes, knives, and pretty much anything else that will produce the desired texture! I hope you are blessed by my art! I am on a journey of healing and spiritual understanding. Come with me!