Fine Art

    From landscape paintings to abstract expressionist work, The District Gallery is honored

to represent the work of local, regional and national fine artists.

"Forest Reverie" - Fine Art by Chad Airhart, artist in Jefferson City TN

Chad Airhart

"Flower Abstraction" - Fine Art by Marleen De Waele-De Bock, artist in Tennessee

Marleen De Waele-De Bock

"Glory Days" - Fine Art by Dawn Calhoun, artist in Atlanta GA

Dawn Calhoun

fine art paitings in knoxville tn

Leslie Dyas

Fine art by Kaitlyn Etchison, available at The District Gallery in Knoxville TN

Kaitlyn Etchison

"Shanty XV" - Fine Art by Trey Finney in Knoxville TN

Trey Finney

"Tuscan Dream" - Fine Art by Catherine Gibbs, artist in Massachusetts

Catherine Gibbs

"Laurel Gold" - Fine Art by Chelle Gunderson, artist in Tennessee

Chelle Gunderson

"Bluescape" - Fine Art by Martica Griffin, artist in Nashville, TN

Martica Griffin

"Verdant Valley" - Fine Art by Michael Griffin, artist in Nashville TN

Michael Griffin

"Cades Cove" - Fine Art by Nancy Lloyd-Hooker, artist in Knoxville TN

Nancy Lloyd-Hooker

"Landscape" - Fine Art by Megan Hurdle, artist from Memphis TN

Megan Hurdle

In House Design

"4 Clouds" - Fine Art by Nathaniel Mather, artist in Nashville TN

Nathaniel Mather

fine art in knoxville by Carrie Megan

Carrie Megan

Carson Overstreet

Fine Art Knoxville TN

Karen Philpott

Fine art at The District Gallery, fine art gallery in Knoxville TN

Brad Robertson

"Blue, Rose, and Yellow" - Fine Art by Barry Span, artist in Knoxville TN

Barry Spann

Fine art knoxville tn by Mary Miller Veazie

Mary Miller Veazie

"Gathering of the Gulls" - Fine Art by Shari Lacy, artist in Franklin TN

Shari Lacy

fine art in knoxville tn

Rachael McCampbell

Shane Miller

Fine Art painting in Knoxville TN

Pamela Padgett

"Elk Mountain Fog" - Fine art by Victoria Pinney, artist from Asheville, NC

Victoria Pinney

Fine Art in Knoxville by Jim Seitz

Jim Seitz

knoxville art by Bill Suttles

Bill Suttles

Lisa Weiss

"Once Upon a Time" - Fine Art by Mara Manning, artist in Wisconsin

Mara Manning

"Hazy Day 2" - Fine Art by Marianna McDonald, artist in Kentucky

Marianna McDonald

fine art in knoxville tn by Kathie Odom, artist from Knoxville

Kathie Odom

Knoxville art by Joe Parrott

Joe Parrott

"Lighting the Day" - Fine Art by Dave Reiter, artist in Denver CO

Dave Reiter

"Three and a Ball" - Fine Art by Leslie Shiels, artist in Cincinnati OH

Leslie Shiels

Melody Trivisone

"Sparkman Creek" - Fine Art by Gary Young, artist in Brentwood, TN

Gary Young

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