Donna Conliffe

Artist Statement

Painting is an evolving process for me. The layering process and image transfers continue to be an important part of my work. After several layers of gesso and mediums are applied to create texture, I start painting. A flood of several colors initially cover much of the surface to get me started. Once these dry, I may add image transfers made with mediums or caulk. Additional layers of collage and paint may follow. At this point, I study the canvas to see where it takes me. Judging values and interests will lead to more layers of paint and/or collage. Writing, found objects, metal and words make up additional layers found in my work.

I recently focused on the themes of growth and change in my work. These ideas are still progressing along with an abstract approach and new techniques to explore these themes. Exploring is fun. Deciding is the hard part. Doing is much easier. This is what art is about to me.