Gary Dagnan

Gary Dagnan


Gary Dagnan has been drawing and painting since childhood. He was born and grew up in the East Tennessee area, where he draws inspiration from the rural landscapes and the changing light and colors that come from the distinctly different seasons in Tennessee. Many of his paintings portray places he and his wife have traveled.

Gary is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, where he earned a BFA degree in Graphic Design and an MS degree in Art Education. He retired from the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, where he was employed as a graphic designer and illustrator for 37 years. He now devotes full time to fine-art painting.

Gary began exhibiting his art in 1970 and had his first solo show in 1971. He has exhibited in 17 solo shows and in numerous national, state and regional shows. His work is represented in more than 400 private and public collections throughout the United States.

Artist Statement

I want my paintings to express the emotional and spiritual connection I have with nature. I am more interested in the aesthetics of a scene rather than documenting a specific place. When someone views my art, I would hope they would have an emotional as well as a visual connection to the work.