Frequently Asked Questions


What can I frame?

Just about anything! At The District Framery, we have worked with nearly anything that can be placed in a frame or hung on a wall, and creative challenges are our specialty. Our experience ranges from simple projects to entirely custom, complex display pieces. Whatever you’d like to have framed, from a small print to a ten-foot canvas, poster or antique keepsake, a beveled mirror or a folding media screen, we will work with you to create a display you’ll love for a long time. Our motto is “if you can imagine it, we can frame it.”

How does pricing work?

Questions about the cost of framing are one of the most common types of inquiry we receive. There are many factors that affect the pricing of custom framing, from the finished size and the number and type of mats, to the type of glass, mounting method and, of course, the size and composition of the frame.

How can I get advice about picking the right custom framing materials for my item?

We recommend that you bring your item in person to our store location to discuss the framing with one of our design specialists. Due to the amount of visual detail and particularities involved in custom framing, we cannot offer accurate design consultation nor pricing over the phone.

The best custom framing designs are created based on consideration about your tastes, the intended hanging location, and the appearance of the item itself. This way, the framing is customized for your piece and your specific requirements to the utmost of our abilities. There is no charge for design advice, and a design specialist will be able to show you samples and ideas, as well as a quote.


What types of frames do you offer?

We currently offer a selection of over 3,000 wood mouldings in a great variety of styles, from some of the best and most reputable vendors in the world. What we carry is constantly updating to reflect the latest in design and quality. We offer traditional moulding as well as canvas floater and shadowbox frames, in addition to a broad selection of handmade finished-corner frames. We also specialize in creative display solutions; we will happily work with you to develop a customized presentation for your item.

We do not offer metal frames or readymade frames at this time.

What is your turnaround time?

Our production time is 10-14 business days for standard picture framing and 4 weeks for more involved projects. Rush projects can be completed at an additional fee.


Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

The short answer: no. Because there are so many variables involved, it is difficult to give accurate pricing sight unseen. We will always do our best to give a predicted range of pricing, but the best way to get a good idea of the cost to frame your specific item is to bring it to our store location in person. One of our design specialists will customize a design for your piece and provide a quote. There is no charge for this design consultation, and it’s a lot of fun to explore all the design options!


How do I frame my item so that it will not deteriorate over time? 

At The District Framery, every material we offer is of archival quality, and when it comes to framing your item, we believe you should accept nothing less. We are committed to creating long-lasting display solutions that preserve and protect your items, and we always use preservation-grade, 100% acid-free mats, backing, and mounting materials. We offer a variety of UV-protective glazing (glass or acrylic) to protect your item from ultraviolet damage and fading.

We also highly recommend replacing out-of-date (usually acidic) materials with new, archival-grade ones; if, for example, you have framing that has been mounted or backed with cardboard, we recommend replacing it to halt any further degradation to your item. A design specialist can discuss with you the particular approach that will best fit the needs of your item.


My artwork has been damaged. Can you fix it for me?

Depending on the type of item and the degree of damage, there are many restorative processes we can provide. Some of the services we offer include cleaning and removal of surface dirt, dust and stains; patching holes and tears; retouching scrapes and scratches; as well as re-varnishing and stretching of canvases. A good surface clean can make a world of difference on a dingy oil painting! Some services, however, should be left to a professional conservator; depending on the needs of your case, we are proud to refer you to a small network of trusted conservators and photo-restoration specialists.


My frame has been damaged. Can you fix it for me?

Yes, depending on the type of frame and the degree of damage, we are able to rejuvenate & repair most worn or damaged frames. Our services include rejoining and regluing damaged corners, touching up surface dents, mars, and scratches, replacing outdated or damaged backing, cleaning and neutralizing of glass, as well as repainting and refinishing frames. We also offer restoration of ornate frames; often, plaster frames with chipped-off or broken elements can be repaired by casting replacements for the missing pieces.


Can you tell me how much my artwork is worth?

Not at this time. We do not have qualified art appraisers on staff.


Should custom picture framing be a scary or intimidating process?

Absolutely not! While there are many factors to take into account, it’s our privilege to make the process as fun and painless as possible! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start, give us a visit and we’ll do everything we can to help you.