Artist Statement

Gary Young is a native Texan, born in Houston, and he currently resides in Brentwood, Tennessee. As an artist, he was a bit of a late starter.  Even though Gary began to draw as a young boy, he didn’t complete his first oil painting until after his 50th birthday. Gary directed his early creative efforts into designing and building Windsor chairs. A trip to Italy changed the course of his artistic journey.  Observing artists painting in the streets of Florence inspired Gary to pursue his artistic desires and dedicate his time and energy to the study of painting.


Young has had the opportunity to work under Roger Dale Brown and C.W. Mundy.  “As C.W. Mundy’s workshop assistant, it has been a special time to study and practice under one of America’s true masters.  I am thankful for the immeasurable impact they both have had on me as a person and as an artist.”


“The shortest path to true spontaneity in art is through intense planning and much experimentation.”  Gary’s goal is not after illustration, nor to go to a photorealistic approach to art.  He is after an emotion, a quick pulse of nature that gives a patron an opportunity to respond from within.  This approach is built by developing a visual language that describes a scene with art information.  While this method may appear to be the long path, wrought with many setbacks, it will result in the establishment of your unique voice, and describes your state of mind that particular day rather than standing on any particular set of rules regarding picture making.  If we go after unseen things, rather than just the seen, we are destined to make a demonstration of our unique voice.

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