— Lisa Creed

Lisa Creed

Artist Statement

My roots are abstraction. I work in layers of paint and etch back and forth through previous layers to expose earlier marks and colors. Graphite, ink and collage are additions that allow me to draw and make notes about what is going on around me.

I seek both minimalism and complexity. Busy areas contrast with quiet spots. Shades of white initially seem the same and then, on closer view, are distinctly different. I want the viewer to be drawn in and to visually excavate these paintings. I want to engage the viewer to see the whole work then deconstruct it to individual parts and then to stand back and see the whole work once again.

And finally, there is jazz, in particular 1950’s and 1960’s jazz, the music that was in the background as I grew up. Today the abstraction of the music directly effects the act of painting.


Before 2004 I was known for my southwest inspired pieces that were very hot, red and blue. Her new abstract pieces continue in both architectural and landscape themes but have changed in color to subtle earth tones and shades of white with the addition of pencil marks.

In 2009 I decided to make a piece of art everyday. My goal was:

  1. a) to see if I could do it b) to keep my creative juices flowing even when I was not feeling creative. I surprised myself by practicing every day for a whole year… This practice continued into August 2016. It was my form of meditation. Now I make small, quick pieces on a regular basis but not every day. The rules are simple: Each piece must take less than one hour, be on paper and be fairly small. Judgment is not allowed

Lisa Creed has received many awards including a fellowship from The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation. She has had numerous solo shows and has exhibited in various galleries in the U.S. In addition, she is represented in numerous corporate collections as well as private collections.