Lisa Weiss is an artist and teacher from Tennessee. She studied art at Louisiana State University where she received her MFA in painting and drawing. Lisa has exhibited in solo and group shows nationally and is included in private collections throughout the globe. She is currently represented by L Ross Gallery, Aberson Exhibits, Jules Gallery, Bee Gallery & the CumberlandShe has been awarded artistinresidences at Dorland Colony in California, Millay Colony in New York, Wurlitzer Foundation in New Mexico and the Nantucket School of Art on Nantucket Island. She has taught design, painting and drawing at Eastern New Mexico University, Watkins College of Art and Film, Winthrop University and the University of Southern Mississippi. Lisa has recently earned certification for teaching yoga from Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico. She currently lives and works in Murray, KY. 

Artist Statement

My work explores mark making, patterning, gesture, flow consciousness and paring down to essentials. For me, the process of art making reflects living in general. I am interested in what the process has to teach about living wisely. I love the idea of changing the larger world by everyone starting with themselves. The connection between place, process, materials and form in relation to a meditative state is essential. Non objective forms that predate label, forms imperfect and evolving are of interest. The work is inspired by architecture, primitive art, metaphysics and the practice of yoga. I am concerned for the state of the earth, the feminine wave and the reflective slow revolution of expanding consciousness.”

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