Artist Statement

The paintings of Nathaniel Mather with their rich textures and rough-edged patches of color evoke early 19th century primitive art, and yet a rich symbolic allusiveness and playfulness of spirit give his work a sophistication and poise that are emphatically contemporary. Born and raised in California, Nathaniel received his education from, California Institute of the Arts and Art Center College of Design.

Nathaniel artwork have found a large audience with his work sold and collected throughout the world. With multiple galleries representing his artwork and hundreds of fine art images available through art publishers Nathaniel connects with the viewer in a wonderful uplifting spirit.

Nathaniel explains his creative process.

“My work was influenced in the early stages of my painting career by the design genius of Motherwell and the color and texture of Klee.

As I developed my own style and voice started to combine several mediums including acrylic, oil pastel, paper, inkand sand on canvas. I start each painting with color, line and texture and allow the markings to follow their own story, rearranging, adding and subtracting, layer by layer.

The process mirrors how I experience life, bit by bit, day by day adding up to something I could not have imagined in the beginning of the process.

The painting process also allows me to express emotions, allows for improvisation and taps into a place I cannot arrive to any other way. That’s the gift paintinghas givenme and I try to share that experience with the viewer.”

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