Perspectives: Life Wants Storyblock

Perspectives: Life Wants Storyblock

Perspectives: Life Wants Storyblock

$ 60

Beautiful small-scale landscape paintings on reclaimed hardwood blocks. A quiet reminder that so often, this life here and now is perfectly filled with what you need to make a life you love. 

A reminder of all the ways Life calls to you. In dreams. In the books you read. In conversations with the people who love you & who you love. Inviting you to let your full beautiful & magical self to shine.

“This is all life wants: for you to be your own kind of beautiful & not the kind that makes you forget who you are. “


  • Average dimensions 4.5″ W x 5″ H x 7/8″ D
  • Each block is hand shaped & painted in the artist’s studio with their unique bird & brush process: the final piece has 6-8 layers of paint, ink & graphite (including a secret hand written wish) making each piece an original in its own right.
  • Story on the front, with the bird & brush studio signature on the back.
  • Natural grain on the sides & back exposed to show the story of wood.