Born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines, Richie Vios hails from an artistic familyStudying architecture, in 1995 he graduated with a bachelor’s architecture degree and University faculty member, teaching architectural design and presentation. In 2004 his family decided to leave the Philippines in hopes of a better future in America. For the next five years, he worked closely as an architectural designer at a local architectural firm in Clearwater, Florida until his family decided to move again to Baltimore, Maryland. Seeking to introduce more western architectural concepts in Southeast Asia, Richie returned to the Philippines by himself to share, develop, and construct many of the things he had learned in America. During the next five years there in his spare time, he refined and honed down a unique mastery of watercolor painting evidentin all of his art to this day. In the summer of 2017, his family moved back down to south Texas, and after being away from them for so long he made sure to be there for them in Victoria, Texas. That’s where he knew he could passionately chase the Americandream again not as an architect but as a watercolor impressionist and pleinair artist. Currently, he lives in Austin Texas but travels most of the time to compete in pleinair events all over the United States and conduct watercolor workshops along the way.
“I believe that the mark of a good artist is to be able to capture the different facets of life in his painting, the mode, ambiance, etc. In a sense, not just illustrating or recording what exists but expressing what he feels. The subject in front of me is my inspiration, complemented with my imagination, charged with my passion, and a personal artistic impression embodied in my watercolor works.

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