Artist Statement

Shari Lacy has been described as a forever dreamer and constant learner with big art dreams, and a lifelong desire to bring joy through creating. Her hope has always been that her art would be something you can see, feel, touch, and experience, bringing people joy and light.

By exploring with various tools, her artistic style took shape through the process of applying texture to canvas and adding paint with a pallet knife. “It was a progression of style. When I started painting with a pallet knife that was the element that was identifiable to me.”  She adds, “I’m more of a loose painter. The pallet knife lends itself to my personality. When I started using it, I said ‘that’s me.’” 

Each piece depicts her own view and feelings of what’s around her. From the grass and fences by the quiet sand dunes, a single hummingbird and colorful flowers, spokes in a bicycle wheel to treasured places like the Ryman Auditorium and Harlinsdale Farm.

Shari’s home studio/creative sanctuary is in Franklin, TN. She is a graduate of Miami University/Oxford, OH’s Fine Arts program, and a life-long creative yet primarily self-taught painter. She is deeply inspired by faith, nature and the world around her and love to experiment with texture, mixed media, sketching, colors and more.


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